Sunday, July 09, 2006

Headbutts and Super Novas

After a day of Greenbelt work, P&S come round to catch the second half of the World Cup final and the final episode of this series of Doctor Who.

The last part of the final is marred by an appalling display of bad behaviour by Zidane. What an unbefitting way to end his international career.

Doctor Who makes happier watching thankfully. A fine end to an excellent series and a good way to see Ms Piper on her way.

S shares that the news that I have been sucked into Doctor Who has altered her mother's view of me. Let's be honest it's altered my view of me.

It's like a drug, you think you can control it, you watch a bit socially, you record it as a favour for TVless friends, next thing you know you're coming out with things like "the Doctor's got two hearts hasn't he?".

I'm going cold turkey.

Til Christmas.

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