Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Festival work and sea birds

Every evening at the moment involves hours and hours of Greenbelt work, often into the wee small hours. It’s that time of the year.

Sometimes I have the TV on in the background showing Big Brother or something that needs similar low levels of attention, other times my working is accompanied by tunes from my lovely iPod.

Something strange has happened over the last few weeks.

Intrigued by radio play that had me going "hmmm I like that, who's it by?" I purchased the Guillemots album when it was realeased last week. It's a very interesting sound and I find myself decidedly liking it.

I expect the hand of a good producer has kept the wailing bird noises to a level where they are interesting not overwhelming like they were when I saw them live last December.

Right now I can’t get the single Made up Love Song #43 out of my head.

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stuart said...

Must be the producer I saw them again at Wychwood and was left with the same impression as the first time we saw them. However, I have heard their stuff on the radio and like you thought hmmm thats good who is it. Perhaps I'll have to have a borrow of the album, now who do I know that has it!