Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Many thanks again to Caroline for pointing me in the direction of Site Meter, through which I can gather all kinds of cunning information about how people find this blog, how long they stay and how often they visit (who are these 22 people excluding myself that visit this blog on an average day?).

The only downside is that the wonders and the magic of some of Pab’s Internet ESP have now been de-mystified.

In compensation however, one of the most fascinating elements is being able to see the search terms that led people to your door, so bizarre were some that I’ve recently started keeping a record of the more interesting ones:

  • Foodchain on hedgehogs

  • clockwork nun

  • new hey brickworks, rochdale

  • webcam babbacombe

  • the white stipes gondry (Netherlands)

  • imitate art gallery uk levenshulme

  • RE

  • "lines of desire" footpaths

  • polyphonic spree baileys

  • photos of fire in BT tunnel under M@nchester

  • five step exploding heart touch (Japan)

  • falling "garden gnomes" "music video"

  • cherry picked mental health oldham

  • screen mate fairy

  • "ulcers on your throat"

  • warrington scallies

  • inspirational poster spoof pretension

  • "roof garden" paris "before sunset"

  • "we will mend it" +"mouse organ"

  • gondry white stipes lego

  • scary stories from withington

  • cdoa swedish band hives

  • F***muppet
Is this a fair representation of the tosh I’ve been wibbling on about since starting this blog? Were any of these searchers really looking for me?

Outside of the more bizarre, the most common searches seem to involve people trying to find the Nawaab restaurant in Levenshulme. Maybe I should tell the proprietors?

The scariest referral of all though, was from, where someone searched on: L1z Friday and I came out as the number 1 result.

Obviously enquiring minds require knowledge as to whether I’m so popular on other days of the week, so here are the current google scores:
  • Monday – 2

  • Tuesday – 1

  • Wednesday – 4

  • Thursday – 1

  • Friday – 6

  • Staurday – 2

  • Sunday – 4
Obviously I’ve been slipping on my attention to Fridays.

ETA: switched variations of spelling to reduce this!

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