Friday, November 12, 2004

Lacking in motivation

Tonight’s plans for a meal out got cancelled last minute, which on the plus side should give me the opportunity to do some long overdue Greenbelt work and get an early night.

Unfortunately as it works out the former one again makes the latter intention invalid. Why is it that when you want to get something done quickly everything seems to conspire against you?

However hopefully the 1.30am finish was worth it as I at last manage to get the Venue Managers’ Feedback Survey out.

Last year I used one of those free on-line questionnaire programmes, but they seem to have restricted the free service even more this year. On balance I decide that reprogramming a survey every year and having it available for only 10 days from launch make this option somewhat unsustainable. An Access programme would be perfect, but I know that not everyone has that software. Maybe one day we’ll get something on the GB website, but in the meantime a Excel form will have to suffice. It isn’t pretty, it may not even work properly (definite lack of testing occurred!), but it should enable them to return some sort of feedback and most importantly of all - it’s done!

Regrettable however, by leaving it so late I don’t have the option of involving Ben and Dave in the creation process. Instead I settle for using last year’s questions with Dave’s suggested questions that he came up with at the festival added on. Not really very neat and concise and lacking in consultation with these guys, but needs must.

I feel a huge sene of relief, if not satisfaction, as I hit send on the email. Of course I haven’t really thought about how to handle the responses as they come in...

The bigger question is why I’m feeling so low and unmotivated re Greenbelt stuff since the festival. Why have I left so many emails parked and unanswered etc? I know some of the answers, but I need to work it through more.

Sadly the yearly planning process won’t wait for me to do my hibernation act any longer. Maybe if I’m lucky the next two weekends will provide the needed stimulus to reawaken my enthusiasm.

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