Thursday, November 18, 2004

Edge of Reason

I suppose it isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement of a film, if the best I can say, is that it’s "not as bad as Wimbledon".

Bridget Jones – The Edge of Reason, is not a great film, it’s not even a good film, but it’s not a completely bad film either (I’d possibly have enjoyed it more if it was). There are moments that entertain and the performances of the lead characters are generally engaging.

However that doesn’t really compensate for an appallingly thin plot and scenes that regularly don’t convince. Do we believe the passion that Bridget supposedly inspires in others? Do we think someone facing 10-15 years in a Thai jail would set up song and dance sessions with the other inmates? Does the Rebecca character subplot add anything to the whole thing? Have we ever seen a village in Britain that looks like that in the snow (which incidentally manages to fall in perfect white fluffiness on cue every New Year)?

By the time we reach the closing scene, I just want to vomit. Still I suppose that that’s one rung up the ladder from the feelings of suicide that overtook Sarah and I in Wimbledon.

Thing is Sarah, Rachel and I knew it was going to be cack before we went, which poses the question: why do we find it funny to watch bad films?

Showcase was also unerringly busy. We generally take a sweepstake on how many other people there will be in our screen – usually you’re safe with single digits, tonight however we are joined by probably nigh on 200 others.

It’s surely a bit sad that it’s a film like this that inspires people to make an exceptional visit to the movies, isn’t it?

Or maybe they, like us, are actually also all there for the irony factor...

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