Monday, November 29, 2004


Many moons ago, our little clique of friends used to spend every Sunday in Generation X recovering from the night before.

Along with the papers and comfort food (Ciabatta melts, salad and curly fries…mmmmm…), the recovery process was aided by a certain elixir of life called Indigo.

Made by the people who bring you Vimto, it was a bit like Purdeys or Red Bull, only far less sickly and much more drinkable. I have no idea what Wolfberry is, but it seems to do the trick!

Although you used to occasionally find Indigo in supermarkets (for that home stock of morning-after curatives), it disappeared both from Gen X and retailers some years ago. This was, in my opinion, a sad and retrogressive step for civilisation.

Even so, I should probably feel ashamed at the level of excitement that swept over me when I stumbled across a little discovery in a local grocer’s the other day.

I’d popped in to the shop on the way round to check in Phil and Sarah’s house, so I could pick up some basic provisions to pop in their fridge ready for their return from holidays. It’s a pretty nondescript shop, the sort that charges over the odds for fare which is invariably of low quality and short dated, the kind of place you use late at night when everywhere else is closed, not exactly a palace of promise. But even in the most humble of places little gems may be found and there staring out from the chiller cabinet was a name I knew of old.

New packaging, but the same precious golden nectar. With a little bit of searching on the net it appears it has indeed been relaunched. Even better news for me personally, it is now caffeine free (I'll accept the reduction in recuperative benefits in exchange for less risk of inducing a migraine!).

Hopefully this time the brand will do better and survive longer in the marketplace.

But just in case, I bought the shop's entire stock...

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