Friday, November 26, 2004

Beyond F***muppetry

You don’t mind if I rant do you?

Heck would you be reading this Blog if you didn’t like reading the occasional rant?

My friend M having at long last got life on track (quick summary: imprisoned twice, tortured, members of family murdered, fled for life leaving behind wealthy background, family, friends and all that she loved, arrived in England, but after a month was made destitute due to a combination of despicable government policy and solicitor’s incompetence, eventually got minimal benefits reinstated pending judicial review, lived in a shithole in a street with only 3 houses not burnt out/boarded up, had initial application for asylum rejected, spent next 6 months in state of despair, had appeal granted (evidence overwhelming!), got made homeless again, system couldn’t cope with bizarre situation re NAS benefits and couldn’t work how to get her sorted in main benefits system, spent best part of a year dossing on people’s floors, just started college course whilst holding down a job, eventually got a council flat, moved in basic furniture, appliances and kitchenware (a combination of gifts and saving up to buy second-hand items), decorated, was just about to move in...), went to the new flat today ahead of moving in tomorrow, only to find it has been broken into and completely gutted. They even stole the cutlery.

So, can I just say to the utter toerags who did this – I suspect you haven’t given a moments thought to the effect on the person you have made a victim of all this. I guess you don’t give a toss, that you have made someone who has travelled half the world looking for safety, unable to sleep in her own bed. Hell, thanks to you bastards, she hasn’t even got a bed anymore!

I’m sure if I met you I’d realise you have problems of your own, that you too are sacred human beings, but right now all I can see is my friends pain and right now I’m so, so angry!

Oh and on a personal/selfish note – I so didn’t need to spend this weekend DIYing a flat to try and make it more secure!

You utter, utter bastards.

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