Friday, November 05, 2004

Ladies who Lunch

A rare and much needed day off today. Unfortunately my plans for a long lie are somewhat scuppered by one of Stewart's cats repeatedly flinging itself at the bedroom door in (occasionally successful) attempts to gain entry and the fact it appears to be national phone/text L1z day.

By the time the postman rings on the doorbell with a parcel from Amazon I give up on the idea of sleep altogether. Having managed to get the second cat into the house and both fed (see how nice I can be when I try – I didn’t even go for the ground glass option...) I head home for a quick shower, before meeting S for lunch at Dukes 92.

Sat on the sofas overlooking the canal and watching the day go by, we decide we could get very used to the ladies of leisure thing. No doubt we would eventually become bored, but we’d be prepared to give it a good shot.

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