Sunday, November 28, 2004


After a second night of virtually no sleep and constant searing pain, I have to accept that the ear infection is definitely back.

I had hoped to hold out until Monday to get to my GPs, but with my temperature rising and the pain now so excruciating that even the mega-strong painkillers (left over from last time) aren’t working, it’s time to go to the out of hours service at the MRI.

After an hour wait amongst screaming babies, I at last get seen and have to convince the doctor that the root cause of the rather spectacular swelling that is now spread halfway across my face, is honestly due to my ear. Predictably I’m now back on antibiotic ear drops and tablets and praying that they work fast. I wish they could figure out whats causing these repeat infections, so they could be avoided in the first place.

As my pain levels rise and fall between painkiller doses I go from coping to sobbing on a two hourly basis.

By timing it right, I manage to escape for a quick curry with Stewart, but start to fade fast as we wait for the bill. With Stewart still coughing and spluttering through the remains of his killer cold/flu bug (which I have fortunately avoided), we really are the picture of health.

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