Saturday, November 06, 2004


Once in a while even this city girl needs to get away, so last night Stewart and I head over to Conwy for a night away at The Castle Hotel.

After the largest breakfast I have ever partaken in, we wander round town and enjoy the sea air down on the quay.

The rain starts to let up a little so we take Sarah up on her suggestion of trying to find what she claims is one of the finest crazy golf courses in the world, perched on the top of the Great Orme overlooking Llandudno.

Ordinarily the Great Orme is a massive landmark that dominates the surrounding landscape. That however would be on days when the visibility is greater than 5 metres!

We find our way up eventually though and enjoy spectacular views in all directions of up to 3 metres…

We ring Sarah to get better directions for the golf course, her description of between the two buildings, would to be honest be more helpful if you could see both at the same time.

Undeterred we track it down, but our plans are foiled by some rather large padlocks. Enquiries in the deserted café get us no further. Instead we enjoy having free run of the deserted hilltop, with Stewart taking full advantage of the deserted adventure playground.

Somehow reading the papers and dozing seem all the more enjoyable for being swathed in scarves sat in a car in a cold misty car park on the top of a hill in Wales. For whatever reason it seems to be working in terms of the stress relief and even the traffic jams on the way home fail to raise the blood pressure and by the time I get back to Longsight I’m totally chilled.

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