Saturday, September 08, 2007


It's quite a journey that has brought the Dog Collar and Rabbit Corpses household to this day and it's the start of a new chapter; another journey starts here.

Making it to the church just in time, I'm very grateful for the seat Stuart had reserved for me. After catching my breath, I scan the congregation and familiar faces are all around; friends, family and half of the Greenbelt Ops team (that will be the bunch waving at me like maniacs then).

I think most of us well up at some point in the service. For me it was the bit in the order of service, where suddenly Stuart's name has changed to the Rev Stuart.

So proud.

The church he is about to start serving, present him with a present of a bible.

I lean to T and wryly comment "you'd think they'd know he already has one of those". To which T rather wonderfully replies "Yes, but this is a signed copy".

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Giles said...

Oh now /that/ is a line :-D