Friday, September 28, 2007

Jurassic Coast

Sharing the driving, we set off for the south-west and decide that given the weather is good, we'll break the journey and rediscover some holiday haunts of year's past.

First off is Chagford, which I vaguely recall from the self-catering holidays of my junior years. Driving through the village we head up to Stonebarrow Hill and enjoy a fine walk round the cliffs towards Golden Cap.

I should warn you, this was my first real chance to try out my new compact digital camera, so there way be the odd photo or two in the coming posts - strictly point and press, but I'm liking it.

Anyway...then we headed to Lyme Regis, which was the location of my father's first ever holiday as Britain started to recover post-war. Mackerel fishing was apparently a very popular way of supplementing rations.

Fortunately times have changed and we enjoy a rather lovely ice-cream as we walk along the beach.

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