Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dartmoor Redux

Following the premature end to their holiday to Dartmoor, Mum is thankfully doing better, though her standing is still not great, which makes transfers (eg from a chair to wheelchair etc) tricky as the equipment of choice, a rota-stand, requires Mum to pull herself up and holding on for a few seconds.

The dip in her health has also left Dad even more tired than usual and so a spot of respite care is in order.

The usual and understandable drawback is that it's not much fun for Mum. Her care needs are such that she ends up in places with very elderly and poorly folk, which hardly gives her the most riveting of times. However, this time there is a second issue, Dad is 'bored' of going away on his own and furthermore his activity of choice, long-walks in the country, is becoming increasingly something that as a 69 year-old diabetic, he shouldn't undertake alone.

Somehow this develops into a solution whereby he and I are returning to Dartmoor for a walking holiday.

Those of you aware of our somewhat tempestuous history will no doubt be wondering, like myself, whether this is an entirely wise move.

Ah well we'll see.

Still we get on so much better these days and after getting to their house in London later than anticipated tonight, we just got through our first potential point of conflict, what time to set-off for Devon in the morning, without falling out, so the omens are favourable.

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