Saturday, September 22, 2007


First thing Saturday I take the car in to be MOTed. It failed on one thing. Which was a surprise. Not because I was surprised by the fault, in fact quite the opposite, I was well aware of the problem; no the surprise came from the fact that like myself the garage were also well aware of the fault given at the last service we'd discussed it and they'd assured me it wasn't a problem re the MOT...

The problem is quite simple, the sensor that checks whether my ABS is working, well isn't (sadly there isn't a sensor that checks if the sensor that checks the ABS is working).

The ABS is fine and can be checked every service, so the problem comes down to this: a yellow warning light marked ABS stays on all the time and if the ABS did develop between services then I wouldn't know, but my ordinary brakes would still be fine.

Therefore, given it's tricky and expensive (£250+) to rectify, given the car has 120k on the clock, given I get it serviced regularly so any ABS fault wouldn't stay undiagnosed for long, given any ABS fault would still leave me with standard brakes, given they told me it was perfectly safe to drive and would pass its MOT...given all this, I decided to save my pennies.

So bit of a surprise to get the phone call saying it had failed on this count.


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