Thursday, September 06, 2007

Dartmoor 3

I do love our annual trips to Dartmoor, it’s a chance to spend time with the folks and each year that mum is still able to make the journey feels like a bonus.

It certainly wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the loveliness of certain parties, who more than deserve the following hat tips.

Firstly, all the staff at Ilsington Country House Hotel, who just make us so welcome and do so much to make it all possible. They are true marvels.

The hotel is wonderfully comfy, in a gorgeous location and has the friendly, intimate air that only a family run set-up ever manages.

As for the food, well the AA rosettes are certainly highly deserved; the flavours are carefully thought out and the menu varied daily and always put together with wonderful creativity.

The thing that really sets the hotel apart however, is the amazing friendliness and accommodation of T and his team.

It’s the little things that make the difference, like us mentioning on day one that mum finds it easier if her main meal is served in a flat plate rather than one of the large plate/bowls used for some dishes. For the rest of our stay, they quietly confirm which order is hers and ensure a flat plate is used without us ever having to say another word; or the fact that whichever table is allocated for us in the restaurant, it is always left with a clear route and one chair short to accommodate the wheelchair, so no need for the embarrassing faff as a chair is removed.

Small things they may seem, but it makes such a difference.

Honestly, it’s one of my very favourite hotels and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Even if they do inadvertently tell your Dad you blog ;-)

A hat-tip is also due to the wonderful M from the care agency in Newton Abbott, who for the last few years has been the extra piece of the puzzle each morning that has made the holiday possible. She’s amazing and so, so lovely to my folks – to the degree that you kind of want to kidnap her and take her back to London to replace some of their less than great carers there…

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