Monday, September 03, 2007


After just two days back at work and one day in my own house to try and catch up, I'm back on the road, this time heading to Dartmoor via a stop off to see the wonderful Caroline in Bristol.

It's just so wonderful to have the time to catch up properly.

Last night we ate at a lovely fusion eatery and caught up on gossip. Today we hit the C put's it...hard; very hard.

Now best I can make out (and you know I'd blog it, so...) I've only bought one pair of shoes since April (a lovely pair of dark brown Converse in the Schuh sale); so it's clearly my duty to do some catching up. I mean we wouldn't want the UK shoe retail industry to slide into recession now would we? Well, not unless, that would mean slashed prices and huge there's a thought...

Anyway, this, together with a wardrobe that has no clothes more than a few months old due to 'down-sizing' of figure, is my way of saying that the retail excess that I'm about to admit to is really justified.

Also did I mention I got an out of the blue pay rise on Saturday?

Oh and Cribbs is a lovely place to part with your cash (yes, yes, I know I should hate it, but it's a good size and has some lovely shops like Kurt Geiger...).

Oh and Caroline is a very bad influence.

No really, it's all her fault. She made me buy it all.

Anyway, after many, many hours, we come away with a pretty good trawl. Well OK, if I'm honest, Caroline came away with one very loevly dark green blouse from Fat Face and a gorgeous pair of shoes, whereas I may have come away with two tops from Monsoon (despite trying on about 30,000 outfits, well they had a sale on, Caroline has the patience of a saint); two hats (one of which was a £4 response to realising I'd not got a hat with me to protect my head from sun in Dartmoor, so really this was a medicinal anti-migraine purchase and the other definitely was Caroline's fault, when I tried a deep purple fedora on for a laugh and C made me buy it!); two table lamps and a little black knit top from Whistles.

Oh Ok...and five pairs of shoes.

A couple of which were nice and cheap from Next (£15) and a couple were not quite so cheap from Kurt Geiger. In fact one pair was far and away the most expensive pair of shoes I've ever bought. Still let's concentrate on the average eh...err oops that's still about £45...

Anyway, look at them, are they not lovely?

In fact, maybe we need a close up of some of them:

Oh and man, the leather, so, so soft.

Anyway, as we head back to John Lewis to pick up the lamps from Customer Collection, we discover that contrary to what the assistant told us, they close an hour before the rest of the mall. Oops.

Well I guess there's not much I can do, other than be on the door tomorrow morning at 10am when they open and then leg it down to Dartmoor.

Still, it's not like we go away with empty arms and we head off to a new Chinese restaurant Caroline has seen reviewed in a local paper.

It's a fine decision and the opulent surroundings are matched by pretty decent grub. Above all though it's just such a pleasure to chat with C and catch up with each other.


Caroline said...

they are gorgeous. all of them. the red ones especially. and the back ones. and the silver ones. and the two other black ones. they are specially gorgeous.

as are you. i had a lovely time.

thank you.

hope you're enjoying them already.. :)

H said...

fab shoes.

thanks for popping by to the wib, it was lovely to meet up with you too.

Rainbow dreams said...

lovely shoes - just the thought of buying beautiful shoes makes me feel cheerier - strange that!

Jude said...

I may actually kill you for the orange/red ones.