Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Dartmoor 1

My departure from Bristol is slightly delayed, due to the need to revisit John Lewis at Cribbs, to collect the various items from customer collection.

Happily everything is there ready and the lovely gentleman behind the desk apologises profusely for the erroneous information we were given re their closing time and insists I take a voucher for a free cuppa and pastry. Suddenly, I’m feeling positive about the store again, and all it took was a polite apology and a voucher that I will most likely forget to use.

That’s what I like about JL, they do Customer Service so well. In fact the dodgy info and disaster yesterday were perhaps all the more irritating for the fact they came from a usual bastion of reliability.

Anyway, consumer confidence restored, I head on to the roads and make it to Dartmoor to meet my parents in time for lunch (which is just as well given I have the sandwiches).

As we sit in the sun looking out over Hay Tor, enjoying our sarnies, my father rather puts me on the backfoot with the following comment “so what’s this Blog that you write then?”.

It transpires, that when he mentioned to T, the excellent proprietor of the hotel we stay in each year, that I was stopping in Bristol with a friend on the way down, T apparently replied “oh is that Caroline?”.

It seems that the web team behind the hotel’s website had picked up on the links from these pages over the years.

Now whilst I don’t think I write anything here that it would be a disaster for my parents to read, it’s still, well, it’s just that you don’t necessarily want your parents reading your blog now do you?

Crisis diverted however, as Dad promises not to search for my blog (and frankly given the questions he asked re how one might do that, I’m not too sure he’d succeed even if he wanted to!). Now he’s a man of his word so I think I’m ok; or at the very least a clear breach of his word will no doubt be a suitable repost to anything he might have to say about the contents of these pages.

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