Saturday, September 29, 2007

Burrator Reservoir

Ilsington Hotel is as welcoming as ever and after a wonderful meal and a fine night's sleep we drive across the moors beyond Princetown and park up at Burrator Reservoir.

If you stick to the roads that encircle the reservoir it's an easy walk of about 4 or 5 miles, but it's all on tarmac and you won't see too much of the resrvoir. If you divert off into the wooded areas where major footpaths allow, it's a bit rougher going, but you're off the roads and you'll see a bit more of the reservoir.

But, why would you want to do that, when you can follow tiny paths that weave in and out and where possible get right on to the shores of the reservoir?

Sure the paths can be a bit treacherous, but it's more of an adventure and it's the best way to see the reservoir and enjoy views over the surrounding tors.

Of course there was that point when I ended up to my knees in sandy mud, oh and that bit where we ended up scrambling around rocks only to then re-join a proper path which led to a dead end cut-off by an 8ft granite block wall.

I mean I suppose we could have turned back, but obviously the better choice was to scale the wall. Even if at the top all you find is a short stretch of earth bounded on the other side by a stone wall, with a wire fence on top, all topped with some lovely barbed wire.

I somehow managed to crawl through a small gap between one bit of the wall and fence and Dad managed to climb up onto the stone wall, traverse it as I pulled the barbed wire away from him and then make it to a point where he could straddle the wire fence. At 69 years of age I reckon he's doing quite well...

Then of course there was the bit when we followed a fairly hairy path only to emerge at a gate onto the roadway to come up behind a sign post, displaying this useful message:

Of course a sign at each end of the path might be a better idea, but hey...

Still who wants a boring easy walk? This was much more fun.

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