Sunday, August 05, 2007

Time-off for Good Behaviour

After yesterday’s dedication and a couple of hours this morning, the rest of the day is mine to relax in.

K has spotted some bargain jeans in Matalan and I some good bits in the Next sale that I think might suit K, so we head to Stockport (not a normal shopping destination of choice).

Matalan is a new experience for me. Not all to my taste it has to be said, but some real bargains if you look hard for simple pieces.

Bootcut and slim fit jeans, ok quality, various colours, available in different lengths - £10 a throw. I buy two.

Next more annoyingly has recalled half the sale stock since Friday, but undeterred K finds two lovely tops in the new lines and all in all we head home happy.

Just time to pick up a bottle of champagne from mine (tired of waiting for a special occasion) and then it’s back to the DCaRC household for a BBQ.

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