Saturday, August 25, 2007

Greenbelt 2007 part 2

Well today would not rank as one of my better Greenbelt days ever. Stress, politics...all the stuff I dislike and the result a massive migraine complete with endless retching, eventually halted by an injection administered by the lovely medics.

And they are lovely; truly wonderfully amazing.

Still there was one extremely wonderful glimmer of light. Pre-festival, when JL mentioned at Mgmt Grp her proposal to bring Tropical Inc to Greenbelt for the youth areas an idea was born in my mind. What better to bring to one of the daily Fest Ops Mtgs than a Meerkat?

Enquiries were made and the lovely JL arranged with the Tropical Inc guys to make it happen and so it was that Timone the Meerkat came a visiting.

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Giles said...

Slowly beginning to understand the background to the "meerkat moments" that dotted the site stewards' lives for the rest of the weekend... I think it was all made clear on radio during one of our shifts, but I was without one at the time - I've been trying to piece the story together ever since :-)