Monday, August 27, 2007

Greenbelt 2007 part 4

The weekend seems to have gone faster than ever; today we're racing towards the end.

The image above has to be one of my favourite of the weekend. The giant kites were flown by these guys and were the result of a lot of to-ing and fro-ing after the past few months as various parties tried to find a space that would work for the kites.

It was a tricky proposition, a really large space is needed to fly these beasts, it needs to be an area which will allow the kites to be seen from the main festival area, and above all (and this was the crunch one) it needs to be an area that can be spared and kept free of parked cars.

Everyone came together to try and make all that happen. And it did. And what better a vindication for everyone pulling together than the photo above.

The final guest for our Fest Ops Mtg is Martyn Joseph, who treats us to a couple of beautiful songs. The second, a Dave Matthews' cover also provides a classic moment, when STR responds to a radio call and exits the meeting, just as Martyn opens with the line "Where are you going with your long face".

Tonight is my festival highlight music wise, when Duke Special takes to the stage. Surrounded by my buddies, I'm in seventh heaven as the music sweeps me up and transports me with it's beauty.

Once the programme element of the festival finishes the hard workers gather in the Organic Beer Tent for a private party.

This is the festival moment I needed. Surrounded by some of the most amazing people on earth, I may be needing to stick to the soft drinks and stay sober, but I'm drunk on the love and the fun.

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Merlin said...

It's amazing isn't it. I mean we have some of the best singers of the festival coming to give us our own little concert, and look at the room that they are given to perform in. I absolutely loved seeing Martyn Joseph.