Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Conference Calls and Harry Potter

Fitting everything in is something of a challenge at times. Well at least if you assume that sleep is not entirely dispensable with and I’m coming around to the idea that it might not be.

Today after a busy day in the office I need to fit in a Greenbelt telephone conference and then hopefully I’m having an evening off, watching the Harry Potter film with K.

Serendipity smiles on me as Stuart gets added to the conference call allowing a cunning plan to be hatched; I’ll take the call at theirs and then K and I can head off straight away after.

The plan almost works perfectly, except workload means I’m a little late leaving the office and so I have to start the call on my mobile, before attempting to seamlessly transition to the speakerphone in Stuart’s study. Hellos to the household are performed silently, which works well on all fronts apart from Millie the dog, who wants to jump up and say hello in her usual enthusiastic manner.

Apparently she can’t lip read when you silently mouth at her “down Millie, can’t you see I’m on a phone call?”.

Excitable hounds aside, taking the conference call with Stuart is definitely the way to do these things. It’s someone to roll your eyes at when the urge takes hold and halfway through the call, plates of food are silently slipped in front of you. Very civilised.

Next it’s on to the cinema with the lovely K, for a good bit of escapist entertainment with excellent company to boot.

Then back to the DCaRC household, where they’re clearly starting to settle in. Pictures have been hung and the rooms are filling and starting to feel lived in. The house is slowly turning in to a home.

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