Monday, August 13, 2007

Retro-blogging Part 2

Down in London for the last Management Group meeting before Greenbelt, I have a bit of time between the train getting in and the meeting start and manage to squeeze in a quick drink (or two) with the lovely ID.

ID is an old friend from Manchester who moved down to London some years back. One of those lovely friends who you never intend to lose touch with, but suddenly realise that years have gone past and only the occasional email and Christmas card has been exchanged.

With his new (academia based) job, just near Euston, it's time to put that right.

So, so good to catch up. Some people you don't see for years, but the friendship just slips naturally back into place easy as.

Maybe just one more drink eh?

Besides it's only after we sit down on the pub bench, that we notice that under the mass of blooms lies this bundle of cuteness.


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Merlin said...

Well it's no meerkat