Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Greenbelt 2007 - the aftermath

Once the last festival goers had safely left site, the team spent the rest of the day recovering clearing up and getting ready to head home.

Overall it feels like a very successful year, stunning weather, a broad programme, a bumper turn out and whilst there was a wealth of minor incidents it was all handled smoothly and for the first time for several years there was no single major incident.

There are always things to improve, but generally the team functioned fantastically. The four of us Fest Ops Mgrs introduced a behind the scenes rota that helped organise our time better and combined with a more structured status definition via Control, it genuinely felt like we were more able to take time off, guilt-free.

Actions taken to try and pull-back the workload and period for Fest Ops teams seemed to work (though some elements are clearly more of a work in progress) and the combined efforts to reduce numbers on-site in pre-week, led to a much calmer and safer feeling lead-in to the festival.

As I head home late in the day, I'm tired but happy. Glad for all the friends I spent time with, sad at the number I either missed altogether or only managed to snatch a few minutes with. It's always the way.

Plans for 2008 are already underway.

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