Friday, August 24, 2007

Greenbelt 2007 part 1

To try and capture all of Greenbelt 07 in a few blog posts seems like a futile exercise, but I want to just record a few bits so I can look back and remember.

Today started as normal for a Friday of Greenbelt. Cars queuing in 'Dover', the ferry terminal style set-up that helps keep any traffic build up off the public highways, waiting for the campsite to open; last minute finishing touches happening across site to make that possible.

Then it gets manic, and for reasons too complex to explain here, I end up donning a yellow jacket (about the second time ever at Greenbelt) and standing on the entrance to the racecourse attempting to convey through the act of mime the message "keep your vehicle moving off the public highway, don't even think about stopping, no I won't talk to you".

It seems to come down to arm movements; a combination of single and double handed sweeping moves whilst smiling and shouting "keep moving", seems to be the most successful approach.

I'll try and remember that I was mucking in and undertaking a basic but needed function to ensure the good people of Cheltenham could see we were doing everything in our power to minimise the impact on local traffic and try and gloss over the fact that backstage Dolly K, commented "why is 1iz stood on a traffic island acting like a gibbon?".

My personal private mission for the festival, is to get some acts from the festival into the Ops meetings and from a chance idea at the curry the night before, my request of a favour is granted and the Revd Gerald Ambulance opens today's meeting with a slightly different take on a devotional.

Later, with Greenbelters still arriving I meet up with P&S and GB Ops buddy S and we watch Billy Bragg.

He's as wonderful as ever and jumping up and down to Accident Waiting to Happen, was a fine way to round off a very busy day.


Merlin said...

You donned a yellow jacket. And I missed it. D..n the training schedule. I will pay for pictures.

Giles said...

Liz Traffic, Liz Traffic, this is Giles Traffic

I promise to do my best to ensure this one runs and runs :-P

The Harbour of Ourselves said...

ah, merlin, she sure was fine in that jacket yelling at me and the festival chair to "MOVE IT!!!!"

yep, it's futile, but I want to remember too....for all the poo it's still a beautiful thing....

sleep sweetie, sleep....

maggi said...

I wish I'd seen you in Yellow.... it was a wonderful festival, one of the best (of the 24 I've been to) so thanks for the endless hard work you put in as always.

Giles said...

Oh dear.... it's getting bad when in the weeks /after/ GB Liz is still too busy to blog. Hope you're OK.