Thursday, August 23, 2007

Retro-blogging Part 7

As is traditional, GCSE results come out on the Thursday before Greenbelt. In years long gone, the public telephone booths would have been buzzing tomorrow, with 16 year olds trying to phone home to find out the contents of that envelope.

Nowadays, collection from school on the Thursday appears to be the order of the day and accordingly K Snr drove back to Manchester with K Jnr and friend A last night.

I don't know how K Jnr or A are bearing up, but father Stuart is a bundle of nerves. I try to engage distraction devices such as "count these meal vouchers", but to little effect. At one point he's on the verge of vomitting with nerves.

When the call comes, it's good news (like we knew it would be), fabulous results for both.

So proud of K and all the hard work she put in.

Back in festival world, it's one day to go and the impetus is definitely building. All the hard work is coming together, the site is buzzing and around 10am tomorrow we'll open the gates and this private playground of the last few days will go very, very public.

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