Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Pimp

Is it wrong to want to pimp your friends (and I mean as in procure their services for others, not add a super-sized spoiler and low-rider suspension)?

It’s one of those facts of life that we somehow learn to accept as we grow older, that sometimes shitty things happen to good people and equally sometimes good people do shitty things.

The world is after all a long way from fair in the short-term at least and we surely all have the capacity to treat those around us with something less than the duty of care we might hope to experience from others and that human failing whilst nothing to be celebrated, does not make monsters of us.

It’s been a rough week for a couple of friends of mine (I’ll not give details). A long chat with one of them last night, breaks my heart. His world fell apart this week and it’s difficult to see him in so much pain.

We talk and talk and he says it helps and I hope it does, but I feel like an amateur. I find myself drawing again and again on the things that helped me when I’ve hit those bad times. The kind words of friends, the sage advice, the permission to fall apart and still be loved and listened to.

I want to say to him “My friend I’m pants at this, I am but a pale imitation of those that go before; so let me instead introduce you to some pros”.

Because I realise that when my life has hit the skids, I had the benefit of some of the best in the business. The people who listened and cared and took me to their bosom (both metaphorical and literal) and slowly and surely eased away my pain and let the healing start.

Some of you will be reading this and if you think even for one millisecond that I might be meaning you, then I almost surely do. Last night I realised I’ve got the most amazing friends and I’m not sure I ever could say thank you enough, but for now, and for the record, thank you.

So as we’re supping our drinks I’m trying to do my best, to pass on what I have in my time received, to think of the things that were said and done that helped and so forth, but at the back of my mind I’m thinking, I should cut out the middle man.

I want to pimp my friends.


Kathryn said...

ime,you'll be just great at finding the words and being there, love.
Here's a hug for all of you, though...and a vague kind of prayer too xx

sally said...

You have always been there for me too, and you are a good, caring lsitening person who is more help than you will never know. I hope I have helped you a bit too....

Sorry there is so much pain and hurting..thinking of you, and when you need to talk to soemone, you now where I am.. xxxx

sally said...

I mean ever know.....

Caroline said...

but seetheart I WANT you to pimp my car as well! oh please?!