Friday, January 05, 2007

Sales and Soirees

There is an upside to a meeting at one of Europe's largest s3wage plants, in that it's just round the corner from a similarly proportioned shopping centre. So when the meeting finishes at lunch time, well it's like a sign telling me it's time to nip there for my lunch break and quickly hit the sales before heading back to the office.

Not that I'm a great sales' shopper normally, but today I seem to strike it lucky.

A couple of tops half price and a jacket that was originally £99 marked down to £31. Bargain.

After an afternoon back in the office, I've just time to head home and change before heading around to the Dog Collars and Rabbit Corpses household for yet another party. This time it's the "we've got too much stuff left from the previous parties and we need you all to eat it up" party.

After a welcome from Millie the 'hound from the pound' that nearly knocks me off my feet, it's another lovely evening. Food, drink, good company and silly quiz games on the PS2 - what more could one wish for?

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