Friday, January 19, 2007


A hectic day at work today, but somehow we manage to meet the deadline. The team really pulled together to achieve this. I send them home as soon as the main submission is in, whilst I hang on so that I'm at the other end of the phone to assist the Client as he pulls together the last bits his end. It all seems to be ok and we even get a big thank you, which is always nice.

It's so late by the time I leave that I figure I might as well go for a swim after all (the kids are allowed in until 7pm on a Friday and the pool is bedlam until they leave). In fact the pool is so nice and quiet that I swim for 2 hours, unwinding from the week with each length. Of course it's only as I leave the gym that I remember I have no food in and need to do a supermarket run.

I eventually get in at about half ten. What a start to the weekend. A madly busy week, but productive all in all. Looking forward to a quiet couple of days off.

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