Sunday, January 14, 2007


ust before 2pm a text lands from K: “they offered us the church”.

It’s the news we’ve been waiting for…hoping for.

The job in question, seemed just so right for S and K and indeed the whole family. Everything about what the churches are about, their priorities, what they’re looking for in a minister etc, just seemed to fit.

Of course on a personal level, the fact that they will be moving even nearer is fantastic. There’s not many families that take you to their hearts the way this household does (even the dog is in on the act), and there’s only so many buddies in one’s life that you can just sit and talk with until 4am.

I’m so happy for them that this has all worked out. And yes on a selfish level, just a little bit happy for me as well.


Kathryn said...

Tis indeed excellent :-)

Merlin said...

I have offered my congrats over there. Here I am more interested in the phrase "they offered us the church". Too many jokes go through the mind but am going to hold back because really the only thing to do is to think how BIG that is, to be offered the church. Wow.

Martyn said...