Friday, January 12, 2007


On the eve of a weekend that will decide the future path and location of the Dog Collar s and Rabbit Corpses household, Stuart is in need of distraction. At least until the lovely K is back in. If there's one thing I can do, it's never-ending meaningless twaddle - a veritable celebration of the distraction exercise.

We talk, we fetch food (hunter gathering in Rusholme - it's what we do best), play Buzz and then pick up K and an excited H fresh from their trip to Starlight Express.

Just after midnight, we finish our latest game of Buzz and oldest Radlet KK, heads for bed. I comment that I ought to be on my way myself, but K persuades me to play her at one last game.

And then we start chatting and Stuart comes in and joins us.

And then K and I start talking about bras...and Stuart leaves us to finish of his sermon for Sunday (we're slightly worried about the subconscious inspiration he may have drawn).

And then, with said sermon complete, we all sit chatting about this that and the other.

And then I look at my watch.

It's 4am.

And you know it's been a late night when, on your way home, you pull up at the traffic lights behind a milk float.


sally said...

Oh, so been there, done's wonderful....I think after Battle of the Band gigs when certain crew members stay up drinking..I only watch of course....

Kathryn said...

Sleep well...
I'm glad you were there to be part of the distraction process. Waiting eagerly to hear, here.