Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I heard the news reports; the iPhone combines a music player, a phone, a camera and an internet portal. Ok so it also has a touchscreen, but other than that my existing phone already does the other stuff.

A complete anti-climax thought I. Much as I love iPods, this just doesn’t sound like anything to get excited about.

In a way I was relieved, it sounds like they’ll come with a fairly hefty price-tag, so nice not to want what you can’t afford eh?

But then in an idle moment I clicked and followed a link and saw the details on Apple’s website.

And I have to admit, it looks mighty fine and as you trawl through the details and the specs, there are some drawbacks (at a max of 8GB this is never going to replace my iPod, I positively demand 3+ Megapixels for a camera-phone these days and what the hell do you mean it doesn’t do 3G?), but there are also many, many lovely looking features. Wireless would be handy, touchscreen will be great if it works as well as they suggest and oh my it even has sensors that detect how you’re holding it and switches between passport and landscape view accordingly.

Oh bugger, I think I might be starting to warm to the thing.

Damn you Apple and your beautiful design concepts!


James said...

There are rumours that the phone will actually support 3G but that it won't initially in the US because Cingular (being rubbish, like all US mobile networks) won't support it.

Maybe by the time it's released in the UK (end of the year?) it'll have a better camera too?

1 i z said...

Oh James don't! Between you and those Apple designers, you'll have me giving in to consumerist materialism again.

Get behind me Satan!