Sunday, January 28, 2007

Phone Calls

A couple of good catch-up phone calls today. Including one with an ex (and how nice is that to have an ex I’m still friends with?) and one with best mate S.

After various reschedulings, S will be coming to Manchester this week (yay!) and I’ve booked a day’s leave, so we’ll have loads of time to catch up.

I mention in the course of the call, my theory about having the best friends in the world that look out for me and she replies “Did Stuart mention I had a word with him at the bonfire before we left?”. I confess that something may have been mentioned. “I told him he had to look after you. I warned him that pre-Greenbelt you get too busy and forget to eat and he’d need to watch for that”.

Which is all very lovely and caring and wonderful, but doesn’t it rather make me sound like a stray dog that needs adopting? I half expected the next sentence to be a list of which immunisations I’d had and how often I needed worming tablets.

OMG…it’s just dawned on me what might have been hidden in that lovely pakora batter


Caroline said...

so given that you spoke to me on th phone yesterday does that make me your ex? does it? only that puts a whole new light on things, and will certainly give the very lovely C something to talk about... :)

1 i z said...

Ex? Did we break up?


Caroline said...

too right we did. the minute you got your ass into bed with that jude..... :)

stuart said...

mmmm she guessed, how the hell am I going to get her to take the flea tablets....;)