Friday, May 26, 2006

Travel Plan

We have a plan.

It goes like this:

S, M and I will travel together up to Iona and come back the ‘long’ way. S and I will share the driving of his car (it being the fittest of the three) and we’ll head off as soon as I get back from work today.

So as I head out from the office complex onto the motorway, my heart sinks as I see the ‘delays ahead’ signs.

So I decide the ‘long way’ via Thelwall viaduct will be the better bet, however as I head onto the slip road, beyond the point of no return, I see that this route is similarly gridlocked.

Fortunately, it’s not as bad as it first appeared and I eventually make it home an hour and a half after leaving the office.

S and M head to mine, but as we're loading my bag onto the back seat of S's car we notice something a little disturbing in the footwell.

"Errr S, is there a reason you keep two week old prawn dim sum under your car seat?".

Speculating as to who* S may have upset such that they'd plant such a heinous item, we make our way north.

We make it to Dumbarton Travelodge by around 11pm, not cheap (£51 per room) and not picturesque (busy road on one side, railway on the other), and distinctly no frills (no breakfast included as ever and they even charge for watching basic TV these days – how tight is that?) but it has the distinct advantage of being located directly on our route. And besides I’m so shattered even the noise of the express trains two feet from my window cannot prevent sleep and as for the boys…well I believe the snoring of one party drowned out the sound of the neighbouring transport roar for the other...

* presumably a stupid person, given they hadn't pierced the cellophane to release the festering odours...

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