Monday, May 08, 2006


Mum had to have an Op today.

We've all been rather anxious. The last operation she had, led to some serious bad stuff.

This time, fortunately, she doesn't need a general anaesthetic, just something akin to an epidural. That in itself is worrying her though, as her previous experience of a proceedure under similar anaesthetic arrangements was so traumatic that 16 years on, she's still majorly frightened at the very idea.

As I spend the evening waiting to hear, some rather splendid friends help keep my mind off things. Instant messages and email ping-pong, I love broadband, but even more so I love the excellent people I find on the other end of it (especially those who engage in joint bitching sessions!).

Fortunately, all goes well and Mum gets to watch the proceedure live on an internal camera thingy. A bit like being the star in your own episode of Holby I tell her.

They'll keep her in overnight, but despite a small difficulty (the organ they tried to 'inflate' to make the proceedure simpler, kept deflating!) they think everything has gone well.


Kathryn said...

Hgus all round x

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Rainbow dreams said...

Am pleased it all went well x