Monday, May 29, 2006

Routine and rhythm

The week starts properly and the rhythm of the routine establishes itself. The first photo above is the view from the bedroom I'm sharing with Sally, the second the view from the bathroom as I stand brushing my teeth waiting for the lone shower to free up (my teeth have never been cleaner). Breakfast is followed by more teeth brushing and then 9am worship (I attend some days) and then straight into chores (tidying the Common Room in my case), then a couple of morning sessions before lunch.

I’m on the lunch team, so after setting up, serving, clearing and washing-up it’s into the afternoon free time. After the evening meal, there’s an evening session and then evening worship. The pub generally beckons most people (some earlier than others…) and then after the bar finally stops serving, it’s the walk home and then giggling with friends until far too late.

Some people throw themselves in to every organised activity, others like myself pick and choose. Horses for courses.

Obviously the chore element isn’t optionally (unless you feel like dumping additionally work on your fellow team members), but outside of that people tend to find the pattern that works for them. For me the rigidity of life in the abbey (which seems to have become decidedly more po-faced since I was last a guest) is hard enough to cope with, so I need to find my space where I can.

And this island is perfect for that. This is a seriously beautiful place.

Happily the rain on Saturday was not a sign for the rest of the week. Outside of the odd shower, the weather is excellent. Sunshine and wind – the island at it’s best. Why stay inside when there’s an island this beautiful to explore?

And in the evenings? Well what’s more perfect than the opportunity to catch up with some of my most favourite people in the world?

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