Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Delusions of competence?

A day of training, which apparently I'm just sitting in on to overview as part of my new role.

Well that's what people kept saying to me, myself I felt I had as much to learn as anyone.

Turns out though, that I do know stuff; how we analyse some things, how we analyse others, how it all fits together, what else we need to consider etc.

Maybe I've just been stagnating too long. I guess this new role is waking me up a bit.

I have moments of feeling competent, which surprise me.

And it's a nice surprise.


sally said...

I've got someone not too far away (downstairs in fact) who keeps telling me she is incompetent...don't you start!!!!! I know, we must start a mutual support 'You are cleverer than you think' society. Men have too much bl**dy confidence, women,not enough!!! Sorry is that a judgemental non pc thing to say?

stuart said...

I was upbeat till you said thatbut now i feel so helpless. How will i ever recover and regain my sense of self worth oh the pain i feel!!!!!