Sunday, May 07, 2006

Adventures in Cheshire

Stuart & K (yes them again Sall!) have wonderfully agreed to accompany me on a trip to check out a potential venue near Crewe for the autumn/winter Greenbelt Ops and Programming weekend.

Given my dodgy knee is not appreciating the previous night’s abuses, S even offers to drive.

The least I can do is buy lunch.

After a false start at the Plough and Flail (now I remember why I stopped going there), we settle on the newly refurbed Merlin at Alderley Edge.

With a 20 minute wait for a table in the restaurant area, we head to the bar. As we order two pints of diet coke and a pint of lime and soda the bartender fixes us with a sympathetic smile and asks "heavy night?".

That obvious, it appears.

The new d├ęcor is a little alarming. Stuart is won over by his animal hide chair upholstery, but I’m guessing vegetarians would feel slightly less at home.

The food though is top notch; a real pleasant surprise for this kind of size pub.

Refuelled and slightly more alert we head on to our destination, where the lovely retreat centre manager shows us round what it turns out is a wonderful place. We’re won over.

Picking up the younger two Radlets en-route (plus friend), we just about make it back to Manchester in time for me to make my evening plans with Sarah and for Stuart to head back out, to run a youth club.

I haven’t seen Sarah for a week now (unheard of outside of holidays), so I’m looking forward to catching up. Unfortunately she rings up full of cold and cries off. Poor thing sounds absolutely miserable. So instead I end up having a night in, which is probably just as well given how tired I am…even if I do have to cook for myself (hurrrumph !).

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