Sunday, May 21, 2006

I knew it reminded me of something...

P&S weren't able to make it last night and propose meeting up tonight instead.

However post migraine I'm experiencing what my mother refers to as the 'wrung out dish clothe' stage. So they suggest coming round to mine and achieving some sort of meal out of the BBQ left overs.

As is now traditional they take the opportunity to catch up on Doctor Who (I have my uses in life). I also suggest I treat them to some of the highlights of last night's Eurovision. They too are suitably impressed by Lithuania and Finnish entries, but then we get to the UK effort.

The biggest problem is Daz himself. Middle-aged bloke, surrounded by young schoolgirls and with dance moves and fashion sense that is just cringeworthy.

Or as S puts it - "it's The Tribe!".

She's a cruel woman at times. But very insightful.

Something else is troubling me...the DJ schoolgirl's fixed's like something from the Aphex Twin's Windowlicker video. Very disturbing.


Rainbow dreams said...

I never realised what I was missing not being able to watch Eurovision this year :-)

Steve said...

Daz is just about the most obvious kiddie fiddler to appear on screen since 'Living With Michael Jackson' - that performance is surely enough to seal a conviction...