Thursday, May 04, 2006

Local Elections 2006

I always vote.

I'm too aware of the battle hard won by my foremothers, to ever take the right of sufferage for granted.

That said, I've never felt less inclined to vote for anyone, or come closer to spoiling the paper with "none of the above".

For the first time ever I'm stood in the voting booth undecided as to what to do.

Four candidates face me, but in my ward it's almost certainly going to be Labour or Lib Dem. But for me it's a choice between a different two; I'd never vote Tory (I wouldn't bandy around terms like "lunatics and closet racists", but well, you know...) and every Lib Dem local politician I meet seems to fill me with greater loathing of their petty minded, self-aggrandising, credit seeking local power trips.

So that leaves me as ever with the choice between Labour and Green. A choice between a pragmatic "despite everything I'd rather have a Labour councillor than a Lib Dem one" and "f*** it, I'm so tired of voting for the best of a bad bunch, I want to vote for someone with real ideals that I generally support even if they aren't going to win".

I made my cross in a box and left.


Sarah said...

I stood as a green candidate and someone wrote 'crap' in one of the boxes next to my name. Slightly harsh, I think. If you do choose to spoil your ballot paper please do it in a kind way!

1 i z said...

Sarah from what I understand, plenty of people in your ward thought differently, so don't take it to heart!

Well done! :-)

P.S. Just realised that there is one Lib Dem local politico, a mutual acquantaince, who would appear from what I know to be the exception to my 'rule'. Still not enough to sway me though.