Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Planning for passion

This evening is my one Greenbelt duty for the week, running a session on the Manchester Passion.

Accordingly, and a little reluctantly, I skip the organised pilgramage as I need some sleep/rest and time to prepare. To be honest I'm feeling quite solitary and the thought of a private day of sleep/run through the DVD and work out additional edits etc for the first part of the morning, followed by a private pilgramage of my own for the rest of the day, appeals greatly.

And it's wonderful; time to walk, explore and reflect. Time to walk for miles and then find the perfect rock to sit on and just be.

For a while at least...until I start panicking about the evening again.

Time to think it through, prepare some thoughts.

Though it's tempting to fill the one hour session with a viewing of the programme in full (that will be one hour in duration then...) I guess people might feel a bit short changed by that, so I show a brutal edit and try and give some thoughts and set up some points for discussion.

I’ve been dreading it...there’s reasons why I work behind the scenes usually.

It seemed to go ok. Well either that, or people are just lying to be nice.

And that in itself is quite good.

I'm content with that.


sally said...

Glad you talk about time to sit on a rock and 'just be'. My point exactly!!!! Does it seem that some people avoid a time of just being?????

1 i z said...

Maybe if they stopped *doing*, then the world would stop turning and we'll all fall off?

(PS miss you roomie! when are you coming to visit?)