Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Blah Manchester and top nosh

Another Blah tonight.

And the third night in the row I've spent with members of the Dog Collars and Rabbit Corpses household. I think they should be done with it and formally adopt me.

Sadly, I didn't really seem to get much out of the Blah session for once. Maybe I've just been thinking about that stuff for too long already...

Might consider an intentional ritual connected to setting the burglar alarm though...I liked that idea.

Dropping S&K home, a plate of fajitas prepared and packaged up by my favourite niece K is smuggled into my car.

So now I have the dilemma...do I eat the Ragu pancakes I brought home as a doggy bag on Sunday...or go for the fajitas?

I so need this family to adopt me.

I'm housetrained and everything honest...

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