Friday, April 27, 2007


My apologies for the tardiness of these posts, truth is I’ve not been home a great deal of late and have been accumulating half written and draft posts on the laptop with no time to get on-line and finish them off.

Now I know some of my fellow blog-hobblings (term trademark of suburban mediocrity), will notify of impending absence in advance, but for me, given that any attempt at anonymity on-line is in part illusion, it’s always felt a bit too much like putting up a notice in the newsagent’s window notifying the local low-lifes that your house is about to be empty and the spare key’s under the doormat.

The downside to this precautionary attitude is that some of the lovelier of you, started to text me asking if everything was ok.

If I replied telling you that all was well and I was merely away at a conference and then a wedding weekend, you can be assured that I metaphorically trust you with the family silver*.

If I lied and implied I was at home, then clearly we have trust issues.

If I expanded that, to include passing reference to an upgrading of a security system and a rottweiler breeding programme, then let’s just say it’s unlikely I’ll be asking you to pop in and water the plants anytime soon.

Anyway, I digress; the point is I was away at this conference thing and I’ve gotten very behind with the blog writing.

Then again, given we worked morning noon and night, there’s not that much to tell you about, given a desire to refrain from commenting much on work matters (that being general blog wisdom, but also a particular mercy to you all given my profession).

Suffice to say, it was all very good, we all learnt a lot and the Merikan contingent were charming and in one case in particular, took the news that his name effectively translated in the colloquial English to “H0rny L@dy G@rden”, extremely well. Still if you share a surname with the current POTUS, you, more than anyone, should avoid calling your child Rand0lphe…

*actually that more accurately should be: “metaphorically trust you with the metaphorical family silver”, since the only heirloom in my clan appears to be a strange shaped vase that is worthless, but apparently reminiscent of a hill in Cornwall that my grandmother saw from her childhood window, prior to the relocation to London.

But anyway, that’s at my parents’ house…who coincidentally never go away and have a state of the art security system covering both the house and all the rottweiler runs…


sally said...

Liz, having read this post carefully, twice....I am reluctantly forced to consider the option that you are definitely on something.....wierd......are you ok hon???

Kathryn said...

Glad all IS well. Sorry I was too busy being away myself to notice that you weren't posting...I do care. Honest ;-)

1 i z said...

Sally having read it back, I can kind of see your point.

The good news is that a CliffsNotes will soon be available to make its meaning more accessible to the average reader...


Kathryn - I know you do and trust you know it's reciprocated.

Dave said...

I just love that phrase "rottweiler breeding programme"!