Monday, April 23, 2007

Enough already

So card from bessie mates P&S arrives in post.

So the people who know me best are apparently all trying to tell me the same thing (although may I say again, I was not the person who bought more than one pair of shoes on Saturday).

OK that does it.

I clearly need to change my ways.

Starting from now.

From here on, I will try very hard to reduce to a more sensible level the amount I talk about shoes on this blog.

What? You thought I meant I'd cut down on the purchasing of said items. Yeah right!


sally said...

Oh welcome back!!!!!! I lvoe to hear about your shopping trips!! Can't ewait to do one when you're well... :)

Dave said...

No more shoes in your blog - life would =never be the same - if I ever feel a bit low I simply type "shoes" in your blog search engine and spend the next five hours looking at shoes all colours of the rainbow.