Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Monday

With the beautiful weather of the weekend having given way to overcast skies and vague on off drizzle, we decide that an indoor pursuit is in order.

I suggest (and I can scarcely believe I’m doing so, I've so been sucked into this sci-fi nonsense), the Doctor Who exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry.
Unfortunately, having picked P&S up from the station we arrive to find this notice:

The closest we get therefore is an Ood wandering around the queuing area and decide instead to head up to the top floor where you get to play with the exhibits.

However, this too has a long queue, comprising one presumes lots of unhappy children who have also failed to get into the Doctor Who exhibition. One can only presume that in 10 years time the scientific and eg1neering industries will be awash with new recruits who can trace back their interest to the day they failed to see a Dalek.

We sit things out in the coffee shop and whilst it’s not exactly what we planned it’s just so lovely to catch up with P&S. P’s job situation at long last seems to be resolved (his organisation have had a major restructure in which his current role will shortly disappear) and it’s nice to see him less stressed and enthused about the new role he’ll be taking on.

A little later the queue has gone and we get in touch with our playful, inquisitive selves amongst the interactive displays. The sight of the strange dancing P developed to play the harp in the ‘light beams’ section was truly a sight to behold (when I say behold, I obviously really mean ‘ideally capture on video phone and use as blackmail material at a later date’).

Escaping the ubiquitous gift shop, we head outside and given the weather is a little dryer, stretch our legs with a short walk around the Castlefield basin. After weeks away from the gym due to illness, some exercise feels very welcome.

Before such worthy healthy lifestyle behaviour can take hold, we head to the Tai Won for an all you can eat Chinese buffet (decent nosh and a complimentary drink for the all day bank holiday price of £8.50 – bargain!).

Not being remiss of my duties to my TV-less compadres, I have been dutifully recording the latest series of Doctor Who and so we finish the day back at mine, deciding what we think of the new assistant.

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