Saturday, April 07, 2007

Consumer Testing

Those lovely folk at Ocado continue to impress with another perfect delivery, all carried into the kitchen in colour coded bags (purple cupboards, red fridge, green freezer). For anyone who like myself packs in that manner at the supermarket (hey it helps keep the relevant items cold and enables their quick transfer to fridge/freezer once home. Go on, call me anal I dare you!), this is just bliss. Plus, given I tend to use 'bag for life' reusable bags when I go to the supermarket, a few old fashioned plastic bags from an occasional home delivery shop are actually quite useful around the house.

Another thing Ocado seem to do, is occasionally throw in a small unexpected free gift (on top of the regular £10 off, free book, free bottle of wine style email offers).

Generally a sample of a new product (from washing powder to chocolate brownies), these freebies are never of much value, but are a pleasant little extra (well unless you've virtuously ordered the most healthy shop imaginable of fruit and veg etc and then they go and shove the temptation of chocolicious Gu Pudz in one of your bags.

Anyway, today's freebie offering is a mini can of this:

Now my theory on such matters is well known: Diet Coke is a sign of loving, benevolent God who gives us all good things. And Diet Coke with Lemon is a reminder that humankind can f*** it up every single time.

Anyone who has witnessed my displeasure at the slice of lemon added to my vodka Diet Coke in a bar, or (worse still) has attempted to offer me Diet Coke with Lemon as a suitable alternative to the real, pure form, will know the strength of my feelings on this front.

Don't be putting lemon anywhere near my DC or risk my wrath.

Bizarrely though, I think lime (either a segment thrown in the glass, or the less common flavoured bottles) works ok.

So...what to make of this new Diet Coke with Citrus Zest?

I've been staring at it for a while now. Do you think it's safe?

Ok, in the interests of blogentific research, I'm going in...

Oh sweet baby Jesus that's foul.

Forgive them Lord, they know not what they do.


sally said...

Do you know, that's a very good line for an easter blog....

Jude said...

that's the funniest blog I've read in ages.

you rock.