Sunday, April 08, 2007

Downs and Ups

Here’s a tip for you, if you’re feeling down because you’ve been stuck in for days, if you’re suffering with PMT and missing your best mates more than at any time since they moved; don’t flick on the telly and start watching 100 Greatest Tearjerkers.

It’s really not a good combination, but if you do stupidly stumble into this combination of events, be prepared stand back and watch your mood plummet in a spiral of despair.

Fortunately S chooses just this point to ring and what I might call coincidence if I wasn’t aware quite how good she can be at reading me, she suggests that she and P come to visit tomorrow.

Spiral reversed. Mood improved.

Time to ditch the TV (let's not take the chance of a relapse eh?) and shove in a DVD I think. Ooooh Casino Royale, Daniel Craig in swimming trucks – that ought to do it.


sally said...

oooh yes, Merlin just doesn't get it, does he???

Merlin said...

Well I get the fact that it nothing to do with plotline, storyline or acting. Just admit it. All you remember are the swimming trunks. I don't mind people resorting to base instinct but don't try to dress it up as art:-)