Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Given that 'apparently', I'm not allowed to adopt some otters or even a polar bear cub, I guess I'd better satisfy myself with one of the following.

Trouble is I can't decide which.

So, take your time to get to know them, move your cursor around them, repeat click, click and drag etc on them to discover what the do, click more to give them a feed and then cast your vote.

adopt your own virtual pet!

Which pet should 1iz adopt:?
Punki the Penguin
Gerald the Monkey
Arnold the Hedgehog
Benji the Tiger
Free polls from

Btw they have rabbits (live not corpses) and hamsters that might interest certain readers...


Merlin said...

Who said you can't have an otter? But, having had to give a health certificate to a polar bear I would advise against that choice.

sally said...

Oh the penguin, of course!!!!!

1 i z said...

Geez you guys are fast, I'm still editing my code and you're voting already!

Sally, I guess the penguin choice makes sense, after all if you click on his feet enough, he does an impression of what happens when I blow my nose too hard...

Merlin said...

Well doh, I thought it was strange that everyone else had gone for benji and he had a 100% popularity rating. Now I realise it was because I was the first to vote.