Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Days out on site, can be tiring, but often they are also some of the best bits of the job.

Much of today was spent in a meeting in the estate offices (aka manor house) of a famous family on the W1rral (no names, but they made their money in soap…). This is old school stuff. The villages are picture postcard quaint and managed in that Victorian philanthropist industrialist mould.

Post meeting, we complete a tour of the area, with bright blue skies and the sun beating down, what better way to be spending the working day then tracing a small stream though its woodland setting as the birds sing and the wild flowers delight.

Even the fact that we’re looking for sept1c t@nk outfa11s and evidence of environmenta1 impact such as sew@ge fungus or that distinctive odour, can’t take the shine off the day (though I do get this image of myself as some sort of eng1neering version of a truffle pig).

It’s all I can do to drag myself back to the office and the desk full of work I know will be found there.

Working late to catch up, I also manage to grab a chat with ‘senior boss’. I let him know that I’ve made the difficult decision that needed to be made. Not a pleasant one to have to make, I've avoided it for over a year now, but there’s a limit to how long I can cover things for, a limit to how long I can keep compensating.

Reluctantly I’m facing up to the only decision I can make, things have to change. Not a great way to end a long day, but it had to be done.

Back home and a little down, my mood is broken by a phone call from the lovely Jude.

She enquires “Is it wrong that I’m downing Sloe Gin whilst cooking tea?”. To which I reply definitely not, but in turn confess “does the fact I’ve bought 4 pairs of shoes in that past 24 hours make me a bad person?”.

It is of course possible that we’re altogether too ready to forgive each other’s excesses, but what more can you ask of a friend than the fact she totally understands that it would be criminal to walk away from Ted Baker shoes reduced to £6?

And I need a pair of red shoes for T&E's wedding, but I couldn't decide which ones would go best. Still given one pair were only £10 (don't you just love outlet malls?), best to play safe eh?

And the Roos were under half price, so really it wasn't so much excess as thrift. Plus it's quite a reserved way of celebrating my modest annual bonus.

Yes, you're right, it's mainly myself I'm trying to convince here...


sally said...

You really do have a thing for shoes, don't you? Now I know how ill you were when we went shopping - you didn't so much as look at a pair...adn I am surprised your boss is that interested in your decision as how to handle DC at long last..... :)

Rainbow dreams said...

wonderful shoes.... and it makes perfect economical sense to buy when you see them reduced...

All the best for the changes ahead