Saturday, April 14, 2007


After a day in which nothing much got done, but it seemed to take a long time to do, I headed down the M6 to P&S’s house.

Well in truth, it being ‘one of those days’ when I was all at sixes and sevens, what I actually did was drive for 20 minutes, panic that I’d left the bathroom window open, head all the way back, find window closed (of course), berate myself for occasional evidence of OCD tendencies and set back off again.

Arriving in Wolverhampton, I join a small but select crowd gathered to celebrate 10 years of S&P being married and 40 years of P ‘being’ (old bugger that he is).

In keeping with P’s general pyromaniac tendencies, the main form of celebration involves flames; a lovely barbecue, followed by a monster bonfire.

Good food, free flowing cocktails, excellent company – a fine night.

A, K and myself are staying over, but S, K and the two younger Radlets have decided they need to head home (we won’t mention that K’s decision appeared to focus on not leaving the dog alone too long and temporarily forgot the oldest radlet who was at home completing coursework…).

Leaving at 11.30pm and not making it home until gone 3am, due to a two hours wait in stationary traffic on the M6, I think they came to regret that decision.

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